Hello, I'm Angela.

Massage therapist

I am a licensed massage therapist living in sunny St. Augustine, Florida. I offer integrative, holistic massage therapy that goes beyond just the physical to help your mind, body, and spirit. I incorporate energy work, breathwork, relaxation techniques and I get to know and understand you, to help you achieve your maximum potential and breakthrough the barriers that are holidng you back from living your healthiest, happiest life.

Why holistic massage therapy?


Personal Growth

Choosing to cultivate your inner light can be an enjoyable exploration of the soul. The willingness to compassionately understand where more positive flow can move through your life is the first step.

Physical Wellness

Holistic massage allows for better circulation, less physical tension and deeper breathing, which oxygenates the body as a whole.

Calm the Mind

Our overactive minds perpetuate stress in our lives causing dis-ease. Intuitive healing massage techniques and daily tools of mindfulness will create the freedom of thought and peace in your life.

Services I Offer

Therapeutic Massage

Body work and intuitive, holistic massage to calm the body and mind.

Emotional Healing

Energy work combined with emotional healing to work through blockages.

Micro Stimulation Point Therapy

MPS Therapy is an FDA approved therapy for pain relief that combines the principles of acupuncture and neurology with microcurrent stimulation.


Happy Customers

I have been a client of Angela for six years. I am a regular customer getting massage therapy every 2-3 weeks. Angela has a gift. She comprehends the body and has a unique understanding of what is going on in your body. I highly recommend her for any type of massage. Weather you want relaxation or continued therapy Angela is the BEST!!


Angela offers the best in massage therapy. I have been getting therapeutic and deep tissue massage with Angela for 4+ years. I am an endurance walker, and she has helped me to understand the pain I am feeling, and the source, often not at all what I attributed the pain to. With the knowledge I have gained from Angela I have modified some of my training routine with a lot of physical benefit. A session with Angela always leads to relaxation, both physical and mental! Besides being a talented massage therapist, she is also a great listener! Whether you are looking for a relaxing massage, or to work out some deep tissue issues, Angela is the one!


Angela is the absolute best! I've had many massage therapists, but none come close to her. She is a compassionate healer whose magic hands will restore your body, and the feeling of complete relaxation you get in a session with her will restore your soul. I often joke with her that as soon as I win the lottery, I will hire her as my staff masseuse. Since that day hasn't arrived yet and she's still available, I'd highly recommend you let Angela work her magic on you. She truly is an angel and has helped my in ways I can never repay!


I have been a client of Angela's for eight years. Her professionalism and skill in her craft his lead to a healthier,happier life lifestyle. I always know that I will receive a fantastic massage from a warm and compassionate person. Angela is very proactive in scoping out, not only current ailments, but notices and repairs future issues. She has a true passion for her client's Health and well-being. I would wholeheartedly recommend her.


Angela is very experienced and wonderful at what she does, from beginning to end she will help you to feel calm, comfortable, and open to the process.\I feel as if our sessions have benefited me in a profound and lasting way; they have helped me to continue healing and being true to myself, to remove toxic relationships and know what to settle for in my life, and to empower myself to steadily make positive change and move toward who I want to be.

Kirsten P.

No matter what “part” of the journey you’re on, Angela’s wealth of knowledge will allow you to continue to experience breakthroughs mentally, physically, and emotionally. She has allowed me to continue on my journey through our sessions, exercises to practice at home, and mantras used to create shifts. I highly recommend scheduling an appointment with Angela!

Sarah M.

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